Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Oh, boy.

Because sometimes you just wish you could throw a rock at a cactus
And go Black Friday shopping with your sisters
Today was one of those days.
Christmas come faster!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Reasons to not be stressed

We literally spent two weeks in pathophysiology talking about how terrible stress of any kind is for your body. I could tell you about cortisol, decreased immune response, decreased healing rates, and the negative effects it has on almost every body system but that just makes me even more stressed. So instead of remembering how stressed I really am at this moment I am going to make a list of reasons to not be stressed.

1. Christmas music. Particularly this song.
2. Only four more days of school classes.
3. This semester will eventually end, really soon.
4. Naps seem to be solving everything for me right now
5. Warm beaches are in my near future
6. I've got everything I need to make s'mores bars when life seems impossible
7. Alyssa and I have a lot of little fun things planned for finals week.
8. Amanda did not murder me in my sleep for calling her "Mandy"
9. Jan (or should I say Santa?) agreed to bring stockings on the Christmas cruise.
10. I've got enough Diet Coke to get me through finals week
11. Another weekend in Washington Terrace with the Robertsons and Joshua
12. I have a book to finish on Kendall's Kindle
13. Dinosaur sheets
14. It only snowed a baby bit last night which did not make my walk to school impossible
15. Temple lights on Saturday!
16. I can do hard things.