Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does this make me an adult?

Another list!

-I celebrated my 21st birthday at a ward activity at the Bishop's cabin.
-I have a key to the place I will call home for the next year with my husband.
-I've been sleeping on an air mattress that is super uncomfortable.
-I have purchased a couch and matching chair on craigslist for a reasonable price.
-I rented a uhaul van to move said couch and chair.
-I signed us up for internet and set it up in our apartment.
-I've discovered Grocery Outlet and am a little bit obsessed.
-I got hives while tanning for the wedding.
-Joshua is really good at swatting my hands away so I don't scratch.
-I'm going through the temple on Saturday!
-I picked out and purchased my wedding shoes.
-I spent most of yesterday cleaning the bathroom.
-A queen size mattress will be delivered to our apartment tomorrow.
-There is a flat screen tv mounted on the wall.
-I've got a Dyson vacuum coming to me in the mail that we bought on the cheap.
-I get excited when I think about seeing all of the family at the wedding.
-I know what I'm making for dinner tonight.