Thursday, April 12, 2012

Opening up at the close

There are a lot of things that I want to say as this, my seventh, semester at BYU comes to a close. This school year has been ridiculously hard and rewarding in all aspects of my life. In school I learned how to give shots, start IVs, insert NG tubes, chart electronically, calculate carbohydrates and insulin dosing, care for veterans, and start friendships with people that I never would have expected. (Just to name a few) Here's a picture of my clinical group at the VA hospital in Salt Lake.
At home I, once again, learned to live with roommates! Mostly, I've decided that, even when I'm in a couple, I should not forget to include the people around me. And maybe I would not enjoy Asia so much based on the cooking smells that I've experienced this semester. Also, when given the chance, you should always let someone else make dinner for you. It is almost promised that it will be delicious just based upon the fact that you did not have to make it yourself.
Being a FHE mom is a lot of work. I'm sort of hoping that being a FHE mom for reals will be a little easier since you all live in the same house. I'm sure that will prove to have its own challenges as well. Oh, and this picture proves that everyone looks better with a moustache.
Everything that is worth it is worth working hard for. Emotions have run hot in a lot of ways this year but everything is settling into place. For the first time in a lot of months, I know where things are headed and it all feels right! All things work out in the right way when given enough time. I am continually grateful to a Heavenly Father that reminds me this daily. I cannot wait to marry my best friend for time and all eternity in 79 days.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

All of the colors!

Kendall has been telling me about the annual of Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna temple since I came to BYU. Because this is the last year we'll both live in Provo together, we had to attend. I told Joshua that we were planning on going and, since he can't stand for me to do fun things without him, he flew down to Utah to throw colored chalk at my face. In addition to Joshua, we also got Andrew and Jan to attend. What a party!

Sibling love!
Now that this is done, I am totally ready to get out of Provo.