Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello Beautiful

As fun as Alaina and Kurt are, them having a baby makes them go to bed way too early. While they are in bed I have to think of things to keep me occupied and awake so I can truely have a vacation where I decided when I go to bed. So tonight I decided to look up pictures of probably the hottest man on television. Thank you Gap for putting Wentworth Miller in your new ads because if you had cute clothes I would probably buy some from you.

You are beautiful and if I knew you were a worthy man I would say I could marry you. You could work all day on the set of only the hottest TV shows and I would be free to stay home with our beautiful babies and make cakes all day with the new pan Alaina gave me. (this is all assuming Clayton decides he really doesn't want to marry me.) Well I could look at him all day but in reality who couldn't?

Here it Goes...

Well in an attempt to make my sisters happy I am going to try and blog more regularly. I am in Utah for another one of my fabulous trips and i am loving it! The last few days I stayed with Kendall and lived what everyone else calls "the college co-ed life" and I am ready to have a lot of free time where all you do is eat, sleep, go to class, and bake. Next stop on the utah train was Alaina's house. The last two days have been spent playing with the cute baby to the right. It's crazy how much Adrie has changed in three months. Luckily it was Alaina's birthday so I got a free meal complete with cherry coke and a happy baby. We came home and I was happy to help her pack because she gave me a spring form pan which feeds my new passion for baking! Tomorrow I am going to work for grandma so I can make money for the rugby NIT. The one thing that I am missing the most on my Utah trip is Natalie. I am happy that you are happy but it doesn't make me miss you anyless!
Well here's to my new blogging life. Talk to you soon! But I am going to Grandma's tomorrow and she doesn't have internet so be patient.