Monday, July 26, 2010

100 (more) Things

1. I can sleep almost anywhere
2. I crave canned peaches a lot right now
3. I can kill a spider as long as it is below eye level
4. On the last day of my senior year of high school I got into a fender bender with a parked car
5. Dove soap is the only way to feel clean
6. Sometimes I feel a compulsive need to buy new shoes
7. I actually hate rubber bands. They creep me out for some reason
8. I love the feel of hot paper as it comes out of a printer
9. I also love the smell of hot paper as it comes out of a printer
10. Having curly hair is like the best way to be lazy and get away with it
11. I wish I could travel the world with Natalie. I'm pretty sure we would be the world's greatest travel companions.
12. I will go to London in 2012
13. Alaina and I have the most similar personalities of all the girls in our family
14. I really want an old book I can hollow out so I can hide things in it while it sits on a book shelf.
15. Ticking clocks use to drive me crazy when I was trying to fall asleep. Now I'm just too excited to go to sleep to even notice the ticking.
16. I bruise really easily
17. I'll always choose the top bunk
18. My birthday is the 18th of May
19. My middle fingers are super crooked
20. I am almost 20. Did you know that?
21. Living away from home = spending money on boring things. That's right toilet paper, dish soap, and paper towels I'm talking to you!
22. It is very nice to be in charge of myself
23. Unpainted girl toenails give me the creeps
24. I really enjoy hands
25. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have a nubbin
26. Sometimes I feel like I would give anything to have a DVR again
27. I love to snuggle
28. I think doing the dishes isn't so bad as long as you do them right after they've been dirtied
29. I have a scar on my knee from a cut that got infected with sand on a rugby pitch
30. The Child Development class I took last semester is the best class I have taken so far at BYU.
31. I frequently go through phases where I'm obsessed with peanut butter. (Seriously try peanut butter on toast already!)
32. I love to nap on top of my bed with a blanket while it's still light outside
33. Dinosaurs are my favorite
34. Some days I just want to lay in bed all day
35. I like how smooth and soft eye lid skin feels under my fingers
36. I usually dream in the morning
37. Mexican food is the best food
38. Fried chicken will make me sick, without fail, every time I eat it
39. Fat babies are HILARIOUS to look at
40. I wish that I could read more with out falling asleep. I spent too many years reading right before bed and now my body can't tell the difference between reading for pleasure and sleep time.
41. Most favorite dance ever. I get chills every time I watch it
42. Every time I get out of the shower I shake my towel to make sure there aren't any spiders living in it
43. Baseball is the most boring thing ever to watch. Well I suppose it's more interesting than golf but really, I couldn't tell you
44. Cookies are my favorite dessert
45. It's a tie between oatmeal scotchies and sugar cookies for my favorite cookie
46. I am so excited to take anatomy in the Fall
47. I am also so excited to meet Baby C. Don't you think Kendall and Josh will be awesome parents? I do
48. When you get the right bag of Crazy Bread from Little Caesars it's like heaven sold in a bag for only $1
49. I love to be warmed by the sun after you've been cold and inside for too long
50. I don't really like roast beef
51. I'm a little bit more than obsessed with Beyonce
52. If I could meet one celebrity right now I would meet Beyonce
53. If they were handing away magical powers I would choose to apparate
54. Of all school subjects English comes to me most naturally
55. I hate white pants and white church shoes. They just seem so impractical
56. I do not enjoy getting wet when I'm not planning on it. Clothes are for wearing and swim suits are for playing in water
57. I am most definitely a morning person
58. Cooked broccoli with lots of salt is the only way to go
59. Pride and Prejudice is one of my top three favorite movies. I could watch it every day
60. I like to donate blood
61. I still jump on elevators when I'm alone
62. Sometimes when I take my warm clothes out of the dryer, I put them in a pile and lay on top of them
63. I believe some candies are just better when they're a little bit warm. Try leaving a box of Hot Tamales in a warm car for a while and then eat them. It will change your life.
64. I love to get things in the mail
65. The older I get, the more I enjoy being with my family
66. I am a master of Uno
67. When I was little I use to ask for a baby brother for Christmas. Now that I'm older I am so glad that Santa never brought one to me.
68. The softer a bed is, the better.
69. Natalie, Kendall, and I all share a weird obsession with Pop Culture. That's right world, I'm keeping up with the kardashians, big whoop.
70. I like mini cupcakes but I hate making them. It's too much work with not enough to show for it. Oh and I eat way more of them than regular cupcakes
71. I would rather spend time with a few good friends than with a giant group of people I sort of know
72. It bothers me when people I barely know call me Mal
73. I like the way stainless steel appliances look but I would never put them in my own kitchen
74. I like weird old things
75. I want to live in a cute little old house when I grow up
76. When I'm going to sleep for the night I lay on my back and flip onto my stomach. I usually wake up on my back
77. When I nap, I lay on my side
78. I enjoy listening to the radio in the car with the windows rolled down
79. I've never been pulled over or ticketed by a cop
80. Journaling is awesome. I started keeping one about a year ago and I love flipping back and reading what I've written
81. Kendall and I share a love of Western Family's string cheese
82. I would probably choose ground beef over about any other kind of meat
83. Every time I cut an avocado in half I want to eat it with a spoon
84. If I could plant any fruit producing tree and have it thrive, I would plant an avocado tree
85. I love the smell outside after it rains
86. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (are you singing the song because I sure am?)
87. Tongues simultaneously disgust and amaze me
88. Sometimes I want to eat just the crust off a slice of pizza
89. Target is my most favorite store
90. I frequently pick things up off the floor with my toes
91. The smell of fresh wall paint makes me think of my Mom and Dad
92. My favorite part about playing rugby in high school was getting to be a part of a team and learning to love my teammates
93. "Smack That" by Akon runs through my mind more often than I'd like to admit
94. I like the way my eyelashes feel when they're covered with mascara
95. The first thing I remember about September 11, 2001 is that Grandma called and told us we were getting bombed. Mom and I turned on the news on right after that
96. I've discovered that it's easier to waste time on a computer than you think
97. I really do love to laugh
98. It constantly surprises me how much I am like my mother
99. I've still never let anyone cut off any of my skin tags
100. I wish we could go to Mexico with the family every Christmas

Filling My Time with T-Shirts

For those of you that don't know, I work at the BYU Law School as an assistant faculty secretary. To say things are slow during the summer would be and understatement. Things here just barely dribble by as I literally sit and wait for someone to give me something, anything, to do. In the last few weeks of boredom I've discovered a few things to keep me busy. Of all the things to pass the time my favorite by far is looking a t-shirt designs. It has even led me to buy these two beauties below.

I don't know what it is about these t-shirts that I love so much. Maybe I'm just a sucker for bright colors. Maybe I enjoy the thought of lounging around in a t-shirt. Or maybe (and probably most likely) my love of inanimate objects with faces is just too strong for me to resist having them on a t-shirt. So, for those of you who don't know where to look or are just bored like me, these are my two favorite t-shirt sites.
At shirt.woot! they post a new t-shirt everyday for only $10. You don't even have to pay shipping. The designs are always different so you never know what's coming.
Threadless is a site full of shirts that are just awesome. They're more expensive but they go on sale periodically. If I had a million dollars and spent more time wearing t-shirts I would definitely own more of these.
Well friends, that's about it. Hope you're all having a fantastic Monday! I'm stuck at work all day (8-5) and I've already run out of t-shirts to look at. Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinosaur Day

So pretty much I'm in love with dinosaurs. If I had to pick a moment when the love affair began I'd pinpoint this sunny day in Murray, Utah when Kendall and Rachel let me take pictures at the Sinclair gas station.

Life since then has been a blur of growing obsession as I slowly purchased almost anything dinosaur and snapped pictures of dinos anywhere I could find them. For some reason both of these dinosaurs were discovered in Boston when I was there in May.

One day at work I received the following email from Joshua.


Can we finish our hoodies on Friday so that we can have dinosaur day on Saturday? My idea of dinosaur day is that we wear dinosaur t-shirts and dinosaur hoodies and watch dinosaur movies or something. Does that seem like a good idea?


When Saturday came around we did just that. We got together in the morning to work on our hoodies and then met Kendall and Josh for J-dawgs. After that we went and got Jurassic Park, Dino nuggets, and our own choice of 2 liter for dinner. At the end of the day Joshua presented me with my very own dinosaur puzzle, a puzzle that he'd made all by himself! 53 pieces of wooden dinosaur beauty. It has been fascinating for me to see what sort of creative things he comes up with.

Here is a glimpse of what my finished hoodie looks like.

So pretty much dinosaur day is my favorite day and I wish it could be everyday.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

As promised here are some of the pictures from the longest 4th of July ever. Seriously. We celebrated the greatness that is the United States from Saturday morning to Monday night. It was an awesome weekend.

Saturday morning started with blueberry pancakes with strawberries on top. Very patriotic.

Okay so Joshua and I totally didn't plan on matching but when I saw his red striped shirt I knew I had to wear blue. hahaha. Later in the evening we waited to watch stadium of fire and played a lot of Uno.

Sunday was church and then once it was dark outside we lit sparklers. Call me old fashioned but they're still my favorite.

On Monday Julia and I went to see Eclipse. It was awesome. We made a delicious french silk pie and went swimming later with some friends. Basically my life is awesome. I've been spending a lot of time with my (to put it in Aunt Cheri's words) "special friend" Joshua. He's in our ward and we've been dating for the last few weeks. It's been interesting to experience life with a boy involved. Happy 4th of July again world! Oh, and I get to be an Aunt again. Hooray!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blast from the Past

It's been forever since I've blogged and blah blah blah but I'm ready to be committed again. Well at least for the rest of the summer. And what just happened to me is way too cool to not blog about it. Okay so I signed onto Facebook this morning to one new message. Here's the message...

okay so you probably dont remember me but as you can tell from my fb profile im Adan Banda haha ring a bell? i was in your first grade class Mrs Gaches hahah
yes i realize it was a long time ago, but little do you know a certain memory resounds through my mind from that time. it may sound silly and insignificant but when we were at recess one day at KDN i said some things to you that were not particularly what a "whatever-old" should say. Being newly baptized into the LDS church i didnt realize the significance, i was a rude nasty little kid...
you said something i never have forgotten,
"you should probably be a better example of the church... and be a better Mormon."
That day stood out to me more than ever and now I will be serving a mission for the church. ive come a long way from that little kid.
I depart next wednesday for the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission.
Thank you for putting me in my place that day. You dont even know how much i've wanted to do better from that day forward.
Thank you

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?! Who would have ever guessed that sassy little six year old Mallory could have influenced someone's life forever. I am glad that I was a good enough kid to set the example even though I don't consciously remember setting it. I am grateful that I had parents to teach me what it meant to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at such a young age. I guess what they tell you is true, you never know when someone is watching you.

I promise a 4th of July blog with photos will be up in the next few days.