Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

We tried really hard to get a self timer leaping shot of the three of us to celebrate this monumental day. Unfortunately we failed pretty hard at it. It was still a good time had by all.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick day

I took a sick day today. I looked at Pinterest and watched Boy Meets World all day. I don't really even feel bad about it. Somewhere between the hardest semester of school ever, this sickness, and my heart being 882 miles away, I'm having a hard time. I guess what I'm saying is that I could use some motivation and or laughs. Like Nacho baby here...
Or maybe the coolest cat ever...
Or basically anything Ron Swanson. Sound off in the comments!
Your help will be much appreciated.
Loads of Love,
Mallory Jan

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making faces and going places

I am a really lucky girl. Not only because I'm living the BYU dream in nursing school, have generally good health, and an awesome family, but because I've got a boy named Joshua Lutes to be my best friend. Seriously, so lucky. Imma tell you some nice things about this boy.

Sometimes he'll fix my computer if I ask real nice
His teen girl squad voice always makes me laugh
He is a public transportation professional
He'll fill the drink fridge with Diet Cokes just for me
We get to spend time together in Seattle
He is super crafty and makes cool things
He's really kind to me when I fall asleep on the couch
He can teach me things that I don't know

Basically there are just a lot of things to love about this boy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Simply delightful

-They are in the process of putting new carpet in the HBLL and it smells delightful.
-I killed a mannequin in simulation lab yesterday. Alright, it wasn't all by myself, my three classmates maybe helped a little bit.
-I did get to practice my CPR skills
-Lab simulation companies make sprays that smell like a real GI bleed. Let me tell you right now, that smell is NOT delightful. If I have to deal with smells like that in real life I will probably vomit. (Oh gosh, I'm probably going to vomit at school/work eventually)
-I really love old people. Somewhere between the nursing home last semester and the veterans at the VA this semester I find myself wishing I could walk up and talk to the old guy sitting across from me in the airport. Their life experience is just really neat.
-I MIGHT be changing my view of being a nurse in a hospital. Life would always be exciting, that's for sure.
-This three day weekend is going to be just what I need to forget how much work school is.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lessons from a girl in the deli

Customer Service:
-If you want to make a girls day, tell her that you like her jewelry
-Asking someone how their day is going gets pretty boring but you have to do it
-Oh, you wanted that sandwich that I just made and handed to you toasted? No problem! Just hand it back to me

-Wrapping a sammich is like wrapping the most difficult present of your life
-I don't know how long something's been sitting out unless I just made it
-Everything can be rewarmed!
-If it tastes delicious it is more than likely full of things that are bad for you.

-You're going to have to do the dishes, no matter how much you try to avoid it so you may as well get in there and be happy about it.
-If by chance water happens to find it's way through the v of your polo and roll down your belly, just go with it.
-ALWAYS wear the plastic apron
-Steel wool actually serves a purpose

In general:
-Your manager might think you're weird because he doesn't get your sense of humor and somehow how always misses what you say but that's okay, you'll still get paid anyway.
-Hot food never looks good after standing and being hot for four hours
-You will burn your hands on hot pans, not bad enough to leave a mark but just enough to sting for the whole shift
-The peanut butter and banana sammich is the cheapest, and most delicious thing on the menu. (honey roasted peanut butter will change your life)
-Work is hard but mostly worth it come payday.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Seattle fun times

Oh hey, did you know that I went to Seattle? It's true! Last weekend I got to visit Joshua for his birthday and the big Amazon end of the holiday season party. I forget how much I love the rainy Northwest. It was cloudy and sort of rainy the whole weekend and I could not have been happier. Here's what we did in bullet points
- Ate hamburgers
- Opened birthday presents
- I sang Happy Birthday to Joshua and he blew out one candle that was in an oreo cakester
- Watched Project Runway!
- Wandered Pike's Place Market
- Ate Lunch served by the family of emo carnies
- Just Danced (no one can beat Joshua)
- Amazon party where we had our caricature drawn (SPOILER ALERT: we're totally riding a dinosaur)
- Attended 9am church
- Watched Malcolm in the Middle
- Fed the Missionaries lasagna, garlic bread, and broccoli
- Finished Pharmacology homework
- Watched a British movie that put me to sleep
- Rode two forms of public transportation
- And had my picture taken with a pig since it's not a real vacation until I have a picture with an animal statue.