Friday, August 31, 2007


As my Dad says...
"If wishes were fishes we'd all have a fry."
Well Dad I am in the mood for some frys and fishes because here is my all new wish blog.

Mallory's Wishes as of the Present August 31, 2007
1.I wish I had a white Kitchen Aid Food Processor
2.I wish that girls were easier to understand and get along with.
3.I wish I had a boy whose parents would allow him to date even though he is already 16 and can legally date.
4.I wish the school would follow what they say and have my schedule posted!
5.I wish I could have unlimited plane tickets.
6.I wish this were my senior and not my junior year so I could get to Utah sooner.
7.I wish I could drive my car to school every day.
8.I wish that Thanksgiving comes fast! WoooHOOO NEW YORK!!!

Well there are many more. Maybe some of them will come true maybe not. I am extremely excited for school to start. I just have a great feeling that this year is going to be totally different than all the others, different in a good way. I'm sorry I had to miss my end of the summer Utah trip but I know we have so many other good ones planned.

One of the Best Things to Spend 99 Cents On

Only 99 cents, can you believe that? I mean look at that frosted mug!

For Kendall:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For Alaina

The one on the left is the frame that matches my room and the one on the right is the one that I am giving my friend Micaela for part of her birthday present.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Having Too Much Cash Can Be a Problem

I have found that since I have made so much money I have way to much cash in my wallet. (Yes I already put half in the bank) For example I went to Target today and I just felt like I could buy everything just because I had the money to. I really wanted to buy a mini-fridge for my room but decided against it, instead I bought a pedometer (for running) and Fever Pitch, the $4.33 movie special.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Busy Saturday

Well Friday night I was so tired that I slept great that night, I woke up at 9:00 and decided I had better clean my room before mom and dad saw how messy it was. I cleaned my room and got in the shower and then Gabbe called and asked if I wanted to go to Body Worlds 3 with her. Oh course I did but that would come later. While I was laying on my bed waiting for Gabbe to come and pick me up my friend Lindsay called and asked if I wanted to work at her Dad's wedding for $10 and hour. Never turning down an opportunity to make money I said yes. The only thing was as soon as I got home from playing with Gabbe I would have to come home change my clothes and leave.
Gabbe came and we went off the Body Worlds 3. The whole time the only thing I could think was that the bodies look like beef jerkey. Here we are. here is a picture of one of the bodies. I think he is winking at you.
After that fun trip we were on our way home. Feeling like we needed another adventure for the day we followed signs to an estate sale. It was the weirdest thing ever. It was like these guy's parents finally died and they got all of their stuff out of the drawers and put it up for sale. From our supreme detective skills we put together that the man of the house was a doctor because we found a scalpel. Then we figured out he must have been a cardiologist because we found a bag that was like a cardiologist union thing. Here we are with our purchases. I got a really cool gold tin and Gabbe got two vintage bags.
Next it was off the the wedding adventure. Of course I looked super cute in my new brown dress and wedges. Truth be told it was a little awkward but I got into it. I cut watermelon and bread, I took away plates and empty bottles and glasses. It was a long night but totally worth it. In five and a half hours I doubled all the money I made last week. This is Lindsay and me. It was Lindsay's Dad's wedding.
There was one small price I had to pay for this. I decided to pick fashion over comfort and I now have blisters on my toes from standing up all night in my really cute shoes. All in all it was a happy day, even though I did miss hanging with Kendall. Oh and if you can't tell I have finally been initiated into the digital camera club. I now own the camera that once belonged to Natalie and Kendall. YAY!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Glorious Oregon

I love it in Oregon. I love green, I love rain, I love fresh air, I love blackberries. In the last few days my love for blackberries has grown oh so large. They grow like weeds here, for those of you who don't know, and they are everywhere! If you find the right spot you could pick them for hours. Sometimes they are so sweet they fall of into your hand. Last week I picked just enough and made a blackberry crumble. It was so so SOOO good with vanilla ice cream. I think one of my new favorite things is berries. Berry ice cream, crumbles, pies, cereal---you get the point.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Finding the Motivation to Start Running

This weekend I have started to seriously think about the 10K I am doing with Nat a Thanksgiving, and I realized how on earth I am I going to be able to run that far! Dad and I started talking about the new Nike plus running stuff, you know where you put the chip in your shoe and plug a thing into your ipod and it tells you pretty much all the stuff that a tredmill does, well I was starting to think that I really wanted to invest in this system since by chance I already own a pair of Nike plus running shoes. I got online and I was so excited that I might get this and it turns out it only works with ipod nanos. You know what curse the world because as Alaina could tell you I once owned a nano but now I have a video. I'm not saying I don't like my video, I just wish this worked on all ipod. That is so typical me, as soon as I find something I really want to invest in it doesn't work. Poop I guess I will just have to run and not know how far or how fast I am going. Any suggestions?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Beat Evil Once Again

Sabra won So you think you can dance? My world is happy. Woohoo Danny didn't win!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

SYTYCD Finale!

All I can say is that Sabra is my girl. I love her so much. I voted for he 18 times because 18 is my lucky number. She better win if not the Neil can. Neil is the most beautiful boy alive. I would love to have a couple dates with him. Lacey is not my favorite person in the world but I like her more that I like Danny. When I watch Danny dance I want to vomit in my mouth. And his solo last night I did not understand why it was so great. All he did was spin around the stage. Boo. If he wins I will boycott. Here watch Sabra and Neil to make you feel better.

When I looked up So you think you can dance on google this is one of the images that came up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Since it seems to be the popular thing to do here it goes....

Let me take you back to January 2006. We were informed that our stake and 13 other stakes would participate in an Oregon Dance Festival. It wasn't the most exciting thing in the world but in the end we had some good laughs and now whenever any of the kids my age in the ward here Greek music we
A.)want to start dancing and
B.)crack up laughing

Yes I am in a blogging mood and yes I am incredibly bored.

A New Guilty Pleasure

Because I got cancelled on twice today to work (aka babysit), I decided to fill my time with lots of television. I was flipping channels and I found my new guilty pleasure called Sand Blasters. The show invites eight teams of sand sculpters to the beach where they have a weekend to do their best work on the sand. To add a twist to the show over the weekend five of the eight sculptures are blown up and they have to start over again. Some of these sculptures were rediculous! I mean they were seriously the coolest thing in the world. My favorite was called the close-minded man. I cannot believe, even in my wildest dreams, that you can make things like this out of sand. Take a look at it.
It's not completely finished but it is the best picture I could find. Missing from the picture is a hand that was holding the needle and thread that the man used to sew is eyes shut! It was seriously the coolest thing ever. I think I might know what I want to do with my life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I love real gourmet pizza aka not Papa Murphy's
I love expensive jeans. Kendall has me hooked. It's okay only one pair a year.
Scrubs is my favorite show
Boy Meets World is my favorite show to watch reruns of. College years=the best
I am starting to get sad that Gabbe is moving
WooHooo I can drive!
We have the best family ever! The only thing that could make it even better is if we could go on the Disney Cruise again.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear World...

I think I have pink eye but Mom doesn't believe me. We'll see what the Doctor has to say tomorrow.
Well to make myself happy and to remind myself of Nat pat I wore my favorite shirt. The girl at Noah's Bagels said she liked it so complements to you Nat!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

In the Last Ten Days

First the wisdom teeth adventure. Long story short being put to sleep is the coolest thing ever, lots of blood and delicious seafoam jello---YUM! Alaina and Adrie arrive! They are so beautiful as always. All my friends say Adrie is the prettiest baby ever. This is true. Then an adventure tubing down the Clackamas river with the YM/YW, a blast full of fun, sun and the lovely Micaela Griffith. Next we came home to Rachel, Cheri, and Randy who had just arrived at our house from Utah. Sunday was church day. We had french dip sandwiches which were oh so good but I could only have one because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to fit it in (see wisdom teeth above). My dinner consisted of more seafoam jello---YUM! Monday brought a day of shopping with Alaina and Rachel. The funny thing about this was I was the youngest one present but I drove everyone. It was a good time because of the driving but mostly because I got three more shirts! Around three we went to pick up Kendall and drove to the family reunion. The reunion was a good time. The best part was watching The Last Avatar with my boy cousins. After we arrived home from the reunion it was off to the beach for me because I had a Laural retreat. The coast was georgeous and sunny. I was gutsy enough to try skim boarding which was fun but so scary when you wipe out. We found a bike in the house we were staying in and had a blast riding it on the beach. By Friday night I was back home again but went over to Gabbe's house to watch Stomp the Yard (another one of those dancing movies that I love). Saturday shined beautiful and bright and I was finally at home for good! Later that day Kendall and I went out for Pizza Schmizza and the to shop for jeans. I am not the proud owner of a pair of Peoples Liberation jeans. They are beautiful and I love them AND they were $60 off, a steal! After the jean shopping we went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. It was SO SO SOOOO good. I can never get enough of movies like that! I must say one of the best moments of my week was sleeping in my own bed after so long. The icing on the cake if you will.

All in all the last ten days have been a non-stop party! I am having a blast with summer but I must say I am starting to look foward to school starting so I can wear all of my cute new clothes. I wish I could see you all! I can't wait for Nat's trip up here in September!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Alaina, and My First Photo Shop Adventure

Just in case you were wondering i was the winner of the William's next top model.
A myspace pic gone high tech.
We are in love haven't you heard how we rock eachothers world. ---thank you Avril for those oh so famous words.