Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Times

Henry didn't quite know what to think about his favorite Aunt having a moustache.
We're just a hipster and a dude, trying against all odds to be friends. Somehow we make it work.
Sometimes I make us take sad pictures. because I think they are hilarious.
But we're actually pretty happy. Actually, we're really happy most of the time. Especially when we've got delicious food in our bellies. Hooray for Halloween celebrations!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10. Somethings

1. I've got a mattress topper on my bed that refuses to stay on top of my bed. It constantly looks like my bed has a muffin top.

2. There is a box of winter clothes under my bed and I am really hoping that it won't need to be opened until after November is here.

3. Zumba is kicking my trash. (but in a good way) I know it was just a normal day when I have a hard time lowering myself onto the toilet seat the next day.

4. I am in nine different classes this semester which means that I will have NINE different finals come December time. Heaven help me.

5. The apartment I'm living in does not have a dishwasher which is not so bad since I've decided to live off cup of noodles this year. Just add hot water!

6. Being in the nursing home one time a week for five hours is hard work. I always come home feeling fulfilled but smelling of urine. It motivates me to be healthy now so I don't have to live in a long term care facility when I'm old.

7. I am qualified to give people injections. And I have had more shots in the last two weeks than I have in the last 10 years. Sometimes I get to do nurse-y things in nursing school.

8. I did attempt making donuts in the oven tonight. They ended up more like mini Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon and sugar on them. DELICIOUS.

9. I wish I were eating something pumpkin flavored. Why is it Fall and I still have not eaten everything flavored pumpkin? (reason: see #4.)

10. We may or may not have spent 15 minutes taking self timer shots. This about sums up my life. Happy Fall from Allred 8!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Because sometimes pictures are involved

So this one time Joshua came to visit. We embarked on the Great Salt Lake 2.o trip and had a marvelous time. Everyone should do this at least once. Of course I had to have my picture taken with the statue of a buffalo because we couldn't find any real ones. I peer pressured Joshua into his own photo.

Utah State Fair with Alaina, Brad, Adrie, Elliot, and Joshua was good times. Good thing it was raining or we probably would have stayed forever! Well, probably not. But I would like to have my very own calf.
College kids like to have parties for no reason and since Amanda loves cheese we decided to celebrate its greatness with a party. Queso dip, cheese ball, cheetos, doritos, and cream cheese frosting made up the menu.
She's still Japanese but I promoted her from the closet and into the room next door.
I've got a talented sister that will take my pictures every now and then. Junior year of college photos are going to be the next big thing! Mark my words.

Lucky for me Rachel's got the Conference ticket hook up so Amanda and I got to have this cool experience. Thanks again Rach!

School is hard and life is busy but I'm still finding things about which I can be happy. It's about the journey, right?