Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Fact

Since I've come to the great BYU approximately 30 days ago I have been counting. The count is up to 31. What exactly have I seen about one of everyday? The answer is pregnant women. I know it seems weird but it sort of fascinates me. So next time you see someone that's preggers maybe you should start counting.

Does anyone else count weird things or is that just me?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Adventure in Sundance

After the fastest week ever came friday! A girl in our ward has a cabin in Sundance and invited us all (the girls from both the 1100 and 1200 halls) to have a sleepover. I went up later with my friend Sophie and Hillary because we wanted to get some homework finished. After some adventures in finding the right road to get us to Sundance we finally made it to the house around 10:00pm.
There were a ton of girls there. More than twenty for sure but past that I'm not the most accurate estimator. After a few annoying name games we sat around the table (like 10 of us) and talked forever. At 1:00am about half the girls at the table left to go back to the dorms and then our conversation evolved into some of the best conversation I've ever had. It was so great. Now I have a reason to be connected to some girls and I love it.
When we finally got around to going to bed Sophie and I found a spot on the floor to sleep. We had to snuggle because it was so cold. Someone said something about the world's largest ball of twine and I quoted Drop Dead Gorgeous and we spent the next three minutes, in fits of giggles, quoting lines from the movie. When we were done laughing she said, "I think we're meant to be friends". I couldn't have agreed more.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

PPParty Everyday. Party Everyday

Finally a weekend! haha. It was another busy night at the college dorms. We finally had our ward social and got put into our family home evening groups. I am so psyched about my group. I feel like it is such an answer to prayer. For one thing Draco Malfoy is in my group. Not the actual Tom Felton boy but one that looks exactly like him. The funny thing is I pointed him out to Kendall the day before in the Cannon center and then the next day he is part of my family. Oh it is so great. The best part is he is super normal. You know like not a jerk. I'll sneak a picture of him as soon as I get to know him a little better. :)
After the social we went the Fall Fest on campus which is I guess the opening social of the school year. There were SO many people there. We spent some time dancing and just wandering around seeing what there was to do. I played with Julia for a bit and met all her crazy roommates. Then as our new tradion would have it we went back to the dorm and watched a movie in McCall and Stephanie's room which happens to be Erica's old room 1108. We all brought our collection or junk food and had a little girl party and watched 13 Going on 30.
Right now I'm sitting in the bottom of the library taking a little break from all of my studies. I've already finished Anthropology and Physical science homework and next I'm moving on to English 150 and Nutrition. Life is still a party!

Oh I forgot to tell the story about my toe! Well it's not really that exciting but I'd just left Julia to try and find my dormmates. I was wearing the only shoes that are comfortable since I got giant blisters on the back of my heals from another pair of shoes and to make a long story short some boy was dancing crazily, shuffled backwards and took my big toenail with him. Oh man it hurt. It was a little bloody but I think I'll survive.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are you there world?...It's me Mallory

Wow wow wow! So much has changed since January. Right now I am sitting in my college dorm just loving life. Too much has happend lately to capture it all but I'll just update you all on a few things.
Toward the beginning of March I was accepted to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I have lived the college life for about three weeks and I am totally in love with it. Classes are different. I am loving the 50 minute class periods but I never knew that there was this much text book reading involvedin learning. I've made a few good friends and I cannot wait to see what the next seven months brings to me.
Today I took a little 20 minute walk over to Paul Mitchell the School and had Gabbe cut and style my hair. That girl really has a gift. hahaha. I added up the total time I spent walking today and it adds up to a little under 90 minutes. Take that obesity. Anyway...I came home, ate dinner with some friends and then watched SYTYCD and Glee with some girls from my hall. It is so great when I get all my homework done on campus. I'm already looking forward to the weekend because we're all going to watch HSM:3 Senior year in my neighbors room. I will close with a few pictures of my new girl friends.

Movie nights! Eight girls crammed into a dorm room watching some movies.
The middle picture is titled "Choosy Mormons Choose Jif" Thank you McCall.
The Hotty Potty. I think you get the point.