Saturday, June 30, 2007

A funny one

I found this picture today---I thought it was pretty funny. Our family knows how to have a party.


Last night I slept on my bed without sheets. It was a weird experience. Just in case you were wondering by the time I went to bed my sheets were still wet in the washer.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Donations are accepted

I love cooking and baking. It is probably my most favorite thing to do. I liked it before Kendall did, she just has the money to buy things like Giada cook books. Well I now want a food processor. Every recipe that looks really good and I want to make requires a food processor not to mention they are just cool. I think I am going to save the money for a Kitchen Aid 7-cup food processor. The problem is $90 is a lot of money. I might not get one until school starts---boo. Oh well here it is, isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance?

Definately one of the best reality TV shows ever. It is second only to America's Next Top Model. Well last night was a great show as always. Sabra and Dominic are my favorite couple. They are so cute and so funny. Mary Murphy makes my ears bleed. We get it Mary you can scream. And by the way what's the deal with the hot tamale train. I kind of wish we could see her dance...I bet it's pretty bad.

I have decided my favorite styles are Hip Hop (who doesn't love it) and Lyrical which is so weird that you have to love it. Here are Sabra and Dominic doing Lyrical dance. I love it. It makes me laugh when I think that Dominic is a B-boy. My good friend Nigel Lythgoe told me the be stands for ballroom but not really.

I wish I could dance. I guess I'll play rugby instead.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

This morning I had coco krispies and bananas for breakfast. It kind of made me sick.

No cavities! Oh I get my wisdom teeth out the summer.

Monday, June 25, 2007


As always it was a great trip. Highlights include washing the truck and then going to Target just a little wet and muddy, Lifting 30lbs. rolls of sod, watching three movies in a row on TV, and playing with Adrie. The good news is I got an 87% on my math final! WoooHooo I didn't get a C!!!! It was a very exciting moment for me. Play group starts tomorrow, we'll see if it is as much work as I remember. I did have another weird dream the other night. I can't tell you what is up with my mind! I dreamt that I was somewhere with Mom and Hugh Laurie (aka House) was there and he checked out my rear end. My life is crazy! Where does this stuff even come from?! I don't know, I think I just lose it when I fall asleep. Maybe I watch too much TV.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

I am so excited. My body is still in shock because I am so tired! After school got out I was 1. So excited my math final didn't make me cry. and 2. So ready to be out!. We went out to lunch afterward (me, gabbe, michelle, anna) and we ate outside. I was the one lucky enought to sit in the sun! Now my neck and arms are sunburned it's quite funny actually. One nap and 2 hours of TV later I still feel like death. Hopefully the combined YM/YW volleyball activity will cheer me up and the fact that so you think you can dance is on tonight. Oh two more days until I come to Utah.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I think they are like death. I don't think they are that bad---I mean most of them are not that hard but when I get home all I want to do is cry and sleep. Mostly both at the same time. Tomorrow I have my hardest two, Trig which I need an 85% on to get a B in the class, and Spanish which will not be so much hard as just tedious and long. Well one more day. Hopefully I'll make it.

Talking with Adrie

Last night and yesterday during my nap I dreamt that Adrie was talking to me! I guess our family was on the run or something or for some reason we were driving around America and Adrie kept saying to me "What about the bike?". Dad had bought a bike and she wanted to know if it was for me or her because she wasn't clear on who the baby of the family was anymore. I told I was sure it was her's and that she was definately the baby of the family now.

Isn't that crazy? I don't know it's probably some subconscious thing where I am afraid not to be the baby. Just to let you know when I am awake I am okay I'm not the baby and Adrie definately doesn't talk to me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A while ago my sister Natalie said that the "Got Milk?" thing was dead. I beg to differ. Since that conversation that was maybe two years ago I have seen Got Tech?, Got Tires?, Got Milk?, Got Music?, Got Hip Hop?, Got God? believe it of not, Got Me?, Got Love?, and Got Homework?. I am sure there are many others but for now this is all I remember. So next time you are thinking of saying something is dead (Natalie) I think you better look a little closer. In closing all I have to say is I love you all and Got Mallory?

PS- Which one is your favorite and have you seen any other good ones that I have missed?

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Last weekend I was blessed enough to spend time with Dad. I drove us down to his office, the Nike Outlet, and Rose's and we had a great time. Thinking of what a great time we had I am so sad that not everyone enjoys their family as much as I do. So that got me thinking about myself and all the different parts of my personality that make me me and I can't help but notice almost every part of me came from, or is similar to, all the people I love the most.
From Mom: Craftiness, a thing that alot of people don't have patience for. There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing a project you love so much be finished so you or someone else can appreciate it.
From Dad: Sharp humor. Not everything has to be in your face obvious, it's the subtle things that make things really funny. Also he taught me to be travel saavy.
From Alaina: Thinking things out. Slowing down and taking a rational look at all situations and how I factor into them. Also a love for sweets.
From Natalie: Bargin shopping! A love for a good hunt and not backing down from something because it is scary. Testing your limits (like moving far away) and making the best out of every situation.
From Kendall: Uncontrolable laughter. Laughing is just as good as crying. And a friendship that is the deepest thing ever.
From Grandma Wood: Love for everyone even when they are grumpy
From Grandpa Wood: How to bargin and haggle for the right price.
From G+G Williams: how to play a good card game.
From Rachel: How to be an only child a survive.
From Kurt: How to take the crazy and focus on the good.

This is only a small list of what makes up me. Most of all the example all of you are to me in the gosple. I know my life would not be so great if it were not full of the gosple. Your testimonies most of all are what have made me the person I am today. I wish that we could be together more but I know that we will eventually have eternity to spend together. Love you all!


A great article recognizing some amazing girls that can play rugby. We dominate.

My life has now good stories right now. Hopefully something good in the near future.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

13 More Days

13 is the lucky number that will get me out of school. In 13 school days 17 including weekends I will be a junior. I can't wait! I hope I survive finals. I need a good grade on my math final to get a B in that class. I currently have a 77.8%. Last symester I wanted to die after that final. I screwed.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Life is a Teen Movie

Seriously it is. I was walking up from the choir building, the weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot, someone was playing the guitar, everyone was sitting in their little groups laughing and munching at the same time on the grass that was perfectly green. It was insane! There was even spontaneous dancing because it is Happy Week! I thought maybe this is what highschool is actually like for people.
But then I thought of all the things that were missing. For starters my (the main character's) insanely hot boyfriend was missing. Or maybe I am the ugly frumpy girl that some hot boy is waiting to make me over for a bet and in the end it wouldn't even matter because he would turn out to be a genuinely nice guy. Too bad prom already happened.

Well overall today was a good day but mostly because it is friday and tonight is the rugby party at my house! I might play with Gabbe afterwards which is always fun.