Wednesday, November 30, 2011


-I walk past this tree every day and get sort of creeped out. Can you tell why?

-While the original picture was great, the one with moustaches is even better. Nursing students be crazy.

-The BYU Tree of Life sculpture is no more. It was demolished about a month ago.

-Tonight I sang along to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You" to Joshua via video chat, he was not impressed.

-I had to park on the street because my roommate's dumb boyfriend took the last spot in our parking lot.

-Only two more times that I have to go to pathophysiology

Monday, November 21, 2011

In the spirit of Thanksgiving...

In no particular order, here are twenty things that I am so thankful for this year...
-Hot Tamales
-Three sisters that are all so unique and lovely
-The BYU Nursing program
-Friends in my nursing classes that help me love school
-The Provo Temple
-Airplanes that let me get to see the people I love
-Video chats which also help me see the people that I love
-Joshua Lutes
-Regina Spektor and her ridiculously intricate song lyrics
-My physical body and all of the tiny processes that make it work
-Harry Potter
-Really great roommates who are also my best friends
-The Lord's timing
-The opportunity that it gives me to learn patience
-A Saab named Vince
-Adrienne Sage, Henry Rex, and B. Elliot
-Sore muscles and Zumba
-Family time
-The ability to learn
-The joy that comes from doing what I know to be right

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are we there yet?

until my D&C final project is due
until I get to play with Henry Rex (and Kendall)
until I am finished with pathophysiology test 4 of 5
until I get to forget about school for the weekend
until my best friend comes into town!
until this photo gets to be recreated
because it is my favorite.

In two days I will be the happiest girl in the world.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I moustache you a question

Don't ask me why, because I don't have a reason. Please don't ask me when, because I couldn't tell you. And for really reals, don't ask me how, that's just how it is. Yes world, the rumors are true, I am one of those weird people that loves the moustache. People can think it's weird, and I'm okay with it. I like to think that it makes me interesting. Mostly I just try to aim for the unexpected.

Anyway, Amanda wanted to have an 11/11/11 party and I wanted to have a moustache party so we combined the two. Also, I was thinking that if I couldn't get married on 11/11/11 I might as well do something awesome, like celebrate moustaches. I'll hit you with some highlights in the list below because I find it impossible to explain my life in paragraph form and still make it interesting.

+I cut out at least 10 different moustaches and glued them to sticks. People just held them up to their faces and visited with each other.
+I tried to have my picture taken with each one throughout the night.
+The moustache on the wall is at least 5 feet long and surrounded by famous people that have moustaches. Very classy.
+Cookies, chips, and soda were the refreshments
+Mt Dew spilled on the kitchen linoleum. The floor is still sticky after being wiped down 2 times.
+Party guests included nursing friends, work friends, old friends, London friends, ward members, and roommates.
+One party goer attended via picture text. (my favorite)
+Strangers showed up to our party which means it was, obviously, a real college party.
+It has been decided that we'll have a weirdly themed party once a month. Keep your eyes open for the Kevin Bacon and Mug party.
+The post party roommate chat was a really great extension to a really great night.

But here is the really big question that I have for you. Are you ready? Someday when your children ask what you did on 11/11/11, will you be able to tell them something awesome? I sure know that I will be telling them all about my 'stache party, and they will think I'm awesome.