Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sometimes my Dad calls me his "baby-girl". I think I like it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Moral of the Day

Today Dad and I went to Costco. Of course they had free samples and we went around trying them. We got to the pre formed cookie dough ball things and Dad said "Oh, they come in a shape like that?" Pointed to the dough balls and the lady freaked out. "She said please don't touch those." and started dumping all the un-used cookie dough into the trash can. So do pretend to touch something at Costco because they might think you actually touched it and then they have to waste good cookie dough. Glad we cleared that one up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Day

Two things make for a really good day.
1. Good Hair
2. Good Lunch
(and sometimes a third---cute outfit.)
Today was a good day.

During dinner tonight Dad played some old music of his and we chatted about music and how great it is. It was a lot of fun.
The costume people at school finally decided they wanted my help and after today I think they wished I had been there from the start.
The office is on tonight!
And yes, today I had good hair, a good lunch, and a cute outfit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Last Few Days

After a little inspiration from Kendall....
*Monday night we had fried chicken for dinner, It was delicious. The only thing that I forgot about fried chicken is that it makes me sick. Like my stomach is going to explode sick. Good thing I ate it right before my choir concert right?

*When I went out to my car to drive to school on Monday and Tuesday the stars were out. I'll have to admit I was a little late to seminary both days because I stopped and looked at them. This world and beyond is amazing!

*Today in my anatomy we were talking about the bony thorax (aka rib cage) this boy said something like "what about that hole thing in your chest?" and when nobody answered he lifted up his shirt and showed us his nice toned abs and upper body. There was no hole thing to be had but I did have a good time and a good laugh while looking at his bod.

*Yes Kendall the weather is crazy. Yesterday it was 75 degrees and sunny but today it is 45 and raining.

*Right now I feel very overwhelmed by the thought of applying to BYU.

*America's Next Top Model is on tonight!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Come and Be My Friend

Why is it when people are visiting you from far away you have no motivation to blog? I mean when I have someone here to be my friend I am totally okay being away from the computer but once they leave it's like I cling on to it for dear life. I miss you and sorry for not blogging very often, I just have to many fun people that come to visit me and then they leave. So here I am, an only child again and I miss you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alaina in Oregon

We had a great time, what more can I say.

One night we bathed Adrie. At first her screaming made me laugh a little bit but when I didn't stop it made my heart ache. The best part was afterward because she was all cuddley and look oh so cute in that towel.

Nothing makes me realize more how much I love than when they are around. I love you all! I am coming to Utah the first few days of November! YAY!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Mallory 101

Happy 101st Blog!
1.Yellow is my favorite color.
2.I do not like odd numbers that are not five.
3.Having feet touch me in any way creeps me out.
4.If I could have any skill right now I would be a pastry chef.
5.I love baby doll tops! They hide my belly.
6.I believe ice cream is a cure for almost anything.
7.The song 99 red balloons is constantly stuck in my head.
8.Sleep is great but sometimes I would rather watch TV.
9.I'll say it again, wet clothes, whether taking off or putting on or just sitting there, are the worst thing in the world.
10.If I could never take a class again at school I would choose math.
11.My greatest desire is to have a kitchen with every top of the line appliance.
12.Moving is the hardest thing ever but it totally makes your life better.
13.For some reason I can never get 6x7 or 6x8 right in an intense situation. Do you know the answers right now?
14.I hate shaving my legs but having smooth legs is one of the greatest feelings.
15.Giraffes are my favorite animal.
16.Sixteen feels exactly the same as fifteen except I can drive and date if anyone ever gets around to asking me.
17.The thought of needles in my arm makes me feel faint.
18.My lucky number and the day of the month I was born on. 18
19.When I was little I had a recurring dream that a giant was chasing me and a whole bunch of other people around a church yard. He would eat the victims he caught. I don't really remember how it ended for me.
20.If I could drink gallons and gallons of something with out the calories counting I would drink Mt. Dew Baja Blast, served exclusively at Taco Bell.
21.I have decided that the longer I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, the thirstier I get making it that much harder to fall asleep.
22.Sometimes when I am laying in bed I start to think about breathing and then I can't breath.
23.If I could spend loads and loads of money on petty things I would spend that money on shoes.
24.I have always secretly wondered what human tastes like.
25.If I would look good with no hair I would shave my head.
26.I like to play a game where when someone is talking to me I pick out key words and sing songs that have the word or are about the word. It is a fun game and you would be suprised how easy it is.
27.I just lost "THE" Game.
28.If I could go back in time the first thing I would do would be to hang out with Dad when he was my age.
29.I love bike riding, just not on hills.
30.I love being active/in good shape but I have a hard time getting motivated to do it.
31.I have always wanted to photocopy my face.
32.If I could be any book character I would be Ginny Weasley, just so I could make out with Harry Potter and look at our beautiful children.
33.Coloring in coloring books is one of my favorite things to do.
34.I wish that money grew on trees.
35.I hate being sweaty with wet hair.
36.I love the little ice crystal crunchy things you get from a rootbeer float.
37.It is very cold getting out of bed at 5:00
38.Pluto is my favorite Disney character.
39.I enjoy thinking about how there are some numbers that people never pick. Like 47.
40.Fried food is so delicious...Why is it so bad for you?
41.Sometimes I wish I worked at the FOOD network.
42.I love alliterations in writing.
43.Did I ever tell you that I love driving?
44.Fours are now at the bottom of my favorite number list because in math we had a project where we had to get atleast 70#s between 0-100 by only using four 4's. It was difficult.
45.I wonder what would happen if I could have a pet squirrel
46.Group projects are the worst when you don't get to pick your group.
47.I think that these 18 month old twins I babysit can communicate telikenetically.
48.Who invented sticky notes and are they really making bank on it?
49.I wish people would leave Britney alone, I feel bad for her.
50.I would rather shave my legs than my armpits.
51.I love french manicures when they are white but any other color looks trashy.
52.New York is my favorite city.
53.I don't care what people say, tye-dye will always be cool.
54.I cannot sleep when it is too hot.
55.Sleeping under the covers is the only way to go.
56.I have webbed toes and kinky hair, both of which I am told come from Grandpa Wood and Great-Grandpa Wood.
57.I don't understand why people don't like to ride on airplanes. It is probably one of my most favorite things.
58.I have the greatest family ever.
59.Why is it so hard to actually sit down and get your homework done?
60.If I could choose any car for me to have I would choose a top of the line yellow Ford Escape Hybrid.
61.I think history is my favorite class.
62.I love to sew but I don't know as much about it as I think I should.
63.I hate it when you watch something kind of scary before you go to bed and then you think there is someone hiding in your room.
64.I can kill a spider as long as it is below my face, any higher and I need to get out the vacuum.
65.My favorite part about expensive jeans is how soft they are.
66.When I wear a lot of make-up I feel like either a.)a hooker b.) I should be in a play/musical.
67.Could you imagine how much it would hurt to be impaled by something? I can't.
68.When it is rainy and dark outside all I want to do is get into bed and watch tv.
69.I like to sleep with my head in the crack between two pillows.
70.Everyone looks good in the color green.
71.Yesterday at the Rack I saw a pair of grey converse that had colorful pictures of wheel chairs on them, I wish I bought them.
72.Physics is a really hard class and I don't like it.
73.Cinnamon Toast crunch and Fruity Pebbles are my favorite cereals.
74.I enjoy plucking my eyebrows.
75.I would go to culinary school if I could.
76.I scored a 25 on the ACT, the lowest of any of my three sisters.
77.The song Paper Bag by Fiona Apple always puts me in a good mood.
78.I love that music can influence our moods.
79.Singing the Messiah in choir either a)makes you want to cough your vocal cords out or b)makes you want to sing really high notes just because you can.
80.Take 5's are my favorite chocolate candy bar.
81.It's a toss up between Skittles and Starbursts for fruity candy.
82.My first date with Tom was so fun I decided that I need more friends that are boys.
83.For a long time I didn't like baked fruit but now I love it! Blackberry cobbler, Cherry bars, apple pie, it's all good.
84.I almost wet my pants the first time I saw the season premiere of the Office it was so funny.
85.Bananas that are too ripe kind of make me want to throw up. For me to eat bananas they need to be slightly hard and green. And yes I just sang Holla Back Girl to spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
86.Spending money is a lot easier when you think you have a lot of money.
87.If I had to choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream I think I would pick chocolate.
89.Little kids laughing is my most favorite sound in the world.
90.Alaina and I are the only ones in our family that share the super-sensitive trait.
91.I wish my hair was a beautiful as Natalie's.
92.Kendall's laugh is almost as good as little kids laughing.
93.I love spending time with my family, we always have such a good time.
94.I think I changed my favorite day of the week from Wednesday to Thursday.
95.I think I use my ipod more to watch things than I do to listen to music. Best upgrade I ever made.
96.Having deep conversations with the people you love is the greatest.
97.Monkeys are weird animals, have you ever thought about that.
98.Washing dishes with cold water creeps me out.
99.Having butter/crisco on your hands and then trying to wash it off with cold water is the worst.
100.I wish gas wasn't so expensive.
101.I love to snuggle.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Beauty and the Beast a Latter-Day Tale

Dear Friends let me tell you a little about a tale called beauty and the beast. Someone from our ward was kind enough to bring this video to our ailling mother so we decided to watch it. Lets just say if I were ever to actually read a mormon romance novel this is what it would be like.
A beautiful girl named Belle is working to help her family who has recently lost their mother when her father breaks a priceless work of art at the Beast's house. Everyone calls Eric Landry the beast because he is so rude. We come to know the deeper story of his past and how he became an alcoholic because Belle has agreed to work of her father's debt of breaking the vase. Long story short they fall in love then they break up because another creepy boy thinks that Belle is the one and makes them break up. But in the end it was happy. This is a movie full of cheesy acting, almost emotional moments, and subtle hints that yes indeed it is a mormon movie. Oh the fake crying was the best.
What a great way to spend my sunday night.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday and My First Date

Yesterday my alarm went off at 5:18 and my favorite Gwen Stafani song was playing, I knew it was going to be a good day. I brought the cake that I had made for my friend that I had made the night before and her birthday celebration went great. When school was finally over I went shopping with Gabbe on a mission to find a nice pair of skinny/straight leg jeans for New York. Mission accomplished not only did I walk away with the cutest pair of skinny jeans you've ever seen but I also got a really cute pair of brown boots! My first ever pair of boots and I am very excited about them. Next I came home and got ready for my date!
Tom and I met at Gladstone bowling lanes around 6:15. Neither of our six months are up so we had to drive seperate cars. We bowled two games sandwiched in between two other large groups so we really had no where to sit. I was entertaining. I did break 100 on the second game, I was happy about that. Next we drove down to Taco Bell and ate our food and chatted. I had a good time getting to know Tom better. He is a funny kid. After the Taco Bell adventure we decided it was too early to go home so we went to hang out a the dollar store. We had a good time looking at the kitchen supplies. While looking at the goblets I shared with Tom the desire I have always had to try and snap the top of one. A couple minutes later there was the sound of breaking glass. My heart stopped. There was Tom standing with a broken goblet in his hands. I was so shocked! He put the broken pieces down and said "Just walk away.". By this time I was laughing so hard. Like I said, he is a pretty funny kid. We bought our candy and went home to my house and we watched the Italian Job. I only fell asleep for a little bit at the end but I don't think that Tom noticed. When he left I asked him is he remembered when he broke that goblet, we had a good laugh and then he said he'd see me on Monday. It was a successful night. I had a good time just being good friends with him and I hope I can do it more. I did find out that everyone in my ward is still trying to hook Kameron and me up. It is very funny that they take such an interest in it. All we have to do now it wait for Kameron's mom gives her already 16 year old son permission to date. More on that at another time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Playing Mom

Today my Mom Janny had surgery on her arm. After her being gone for a week in Utah I was getting excited for her to get home. Lets just say I am having a great time because I get to play mom. Last week when she was gone I made pumpkin bread (so good) butterscotch oatmeal cookies (melt in your mouth good) and then Megan and I made stuffed green peppers (delicious). Today I made Taco soup (as good as always) and some more pumpkin bread to finish off the remaining pumpkin. I am loving this cooking thing. Maybe I should consider doing some school work but then again all that will really matter once I'm a wife are my cooking skills so then again I should spend more time in the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A letter to a Friend

Dear Britney Spears,
You got your kids taken away. Isn't that sad. Your life must really be falling apart if you can't even get your act together for your kids. What are those kids going to think when they grow up. I think they would say "Mom's a fallen teen star who fell apart when she was upstaged by Christina." I'm sorry Brit but it is a little bit true. You did at one point share a kiss with Madona but look at Christina now. She is happily married and expecting a baby. She doesn't appear to be doing drugs but who knows, maybe in a few years and two kids later she'll be just like you. Atleast you have that to look foward to. I love you girl but you need to get your priorities straight.
All the support in the world,