Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My new favorite

So in my new favorite so is the Colbert Report on comedy central. For some reason I find it so hilarious. If you can't tell right now I am in to shows that make me laugh. This show gives me a dash of the news of the Republican party and it makes me laugh at the same time. It is so great that kendall and dad watch it with me sometimes. You should watch.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

No school tomorrow

Thank you for memorial day and 12 and a half hours of sleep last night I am staying up late watching tv. These crazy jokesters have become my new best friends. I don't know why it is so entertaining and so hilarious it just is. enjoy...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nationals again

Some of my favorites. It was such a good time I cannot even believe it. The first on is me sleeping. This was at one of those moments of despair when I thought we wouldn't even get to Wisconsin. It looks awkward but it was probobly the most comfortable I got all night. The second is after we won our first game. The one we played right after we got off the airplane. The third, there's the plate again.

The weekend!

Finally it has come. And so has my official 16th birthday party. It's waffle time!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Journey to Nationals

Well I have always heard that group trips are always the funnist and I can honestly say that is true. The trip to Nationals started out good went to bad then worse then to no hope then to maybe I'll be okay just watching and then to we might actually get to play to horray we get to play! to so good and then to the best rugby experience of my life.

So here is the real story. We got to the PDX on time and were ready to go. Soon after arriving we were told that our plane had mechanical problems so it would be delayed a few hours this would mean that we would miss our connecting flight from Phoenix to Milwaukee. Yeah we were bumbed but in the end it turned out we could take our delayed flight to Phoenix and then fly to Minnisota and then finally reach Milwaukee at 7:00am where we would reach the rugby field just in time for our 9:00am game. Well as luck would have it our connecting, one hour flight to Milwaukee, flight had a bad battery on the plane so our flight was cancelled. Dissapointment and 3:00am and no sleep don't work well for us because we were all so upset! We would probobly have to forfeit both of our saturday games which would put us in a game on sunday that would have us competing for last place, not really a very happy situation. Luckily Dad was there and able to work some of his magic and we got on a flight that would put us on a flight getting to Milwaukee at 2:00pm.They gave us a free food coupon and we went to chili's. My cherry coke had too much cherry---I still drank it.
We did it after nearly 27 hours in an airport we got to our final destination. Thanks to an amazing coach and really understanding tournament planners they were able to reschedule our games so we played one as soon as we got to the field on saturday and then two on sunday. There's Dad and me after the first game on sunday. It was a miracle that is all I can say. I was so happy that I went and I felt so bad for those girls who decided not to come. When it came to the final game we ended up playing the Canby, Oregon team that is our biggest competition in Oregon. We beat them, showed them what only experience can give you and won the National plate championship game. look at how shiny that plate is!
We went out fro pizza after the victory. It was fun, I ate so much pizza. So much for buring off a lot of calories in rugby games I think I ate them all back.

In closing Nationals was a blast! I would do it again in a heartbeat and hopefully we get to do it again next year or maybe my senior year.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A real live sewing machine

I got the coolest machine for my birthday---well I guess you could say I got two really cool machines for my birthday. A sewing machine, probobly the most high-tech thing ever. I was so excited that I started sewing the cutest purse ever on it and then it decided to stop liking me and not work. So I have a really cute half finished bag and I am mad at machine.

The second machine is of course my 1995 Dodge Spirit. We technically it's not mine but I did get my own set of keys with two rape whistles. I am going to be really safe.

We are going to nationals tomorrow and I should be in bed. too much anger about my machine.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Last 16 Years #1

As my birthday gets closer and closer (two days by the official count) I have started thinking about all the crazy cool things I have been blessed enough to do in my lifetime so far. So with out further adieu I give you a brief timeline of my life or atleast my life with a digital camera.

Here I am. The fourth girl in our family and as from the mouth of my mother it took them four times to get it right.
Oh Kino bay---my first true love. I guess I had poor balance or something.
Here I am, the awkard overweight 10 year old that went on a trip to Boston with her family to visit where she lived when she was two. I'm glad I grew out of that.
N'sync the hottest boys ever put together in a band. A fun night spent in BOB. oh yeah and my weird little snaggle tooth.
Oh then there was Alaina's wedding. Another awkward time in my life but it's getting better.

Multiple trips to New York. I think my favorite was the most recent one.

More to come in the next few days.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pet Peeve

Well since it has started to get warm in Oregon, people have decided to drag out their long neglected sunglasses. They wear them inside---at school! I think that is the most retarded thing ever. To you indoor glasses wearing folks, you are not just look like a fool.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My date...with Dad

After a long hard day of rugby I was ready to do something fun. On the way home I talked Dad into seeing a movie. We thought about Spiderman but that just didn't seem right. Dad checked the movies and we decided to see blades of glory because that was one of those movies mom doesn't like. We went got a small popcorn and a super huge drink. I laughed so hard in that movie. I don't know if it was because I was tired or just because it was hilarious but I fully enjoyed that movie. This goes along with TV shows that make you laugh out loud. It is the greatest thing ever. Thanks Dad for the great movie.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Thanks to Super Parents

Well another long story made short. I got the sweatshirts! Luckily Megan's little sister is best friends with the lady that does our sweatshirts and meg's dad got a hold of her and drove far away to pick them up for me. My friend Katherine came over and that was a lot of fun. Sometimes it is just so fun to talk to girls when it has nothing to do with school.Now I can say my day started and ended good.

Great day until...

Well It was your typical friday, you know started out slow but eventually got faster and next thing you know school is over. Spur of the moment I decided to hang out with my friend Kate and then I got home at 5:30 so I could go and pick up the long awaited rugby sweatshirts. Long story made short no sweatshirts. After calling the lady everyday this week to make sure they would be there, they weren't they. Not to mention the last games we will ever play in Oregon this year are tomorrow and it is probobly the last time we will have the whole team together. I cried and am still crying my eyes out.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

TV update

1. I have decided that if I were able to watch every good TV show there is in the world I would spend my whole life in front of the tv, and live in a fantasy world.
2. If I could have any TV boyfriend now it would be Peter from Heroes.
3. YAY! The ugly red-head finally got voted off America's Next Top Model.
4. The search for the next doll was one of those shows that once you started watching the episode you couldn't stop. (are the dolls a guilty pleasure?)
5. V-mars was very good way to not dissapoint.
6. I don't know what I think about V and Piz kissing. I mean it is super cute but do you think that V is too synical to be in a real relationship. She said it herself in the first episode that she would never get married. Have her views changed because I think Piz deserves better than no marriage?
7. Prison Break is good but I don't know if I can stand another season? When are they just going to end up happily ever after?
8. Shows that make you laugh out loud (when you are all by yourself and not just laughing for the people around you) are the best thing ever. These shows include The Office, Scrubs, The Colbert Report, and 30 Rock on a good day.
9. You can never go wrong with any TV show that is set in a hospital. I am even known to watch Strong Medicine on occasion because I love hospital shows so much.
10. I don't care what they say but TV does not make you fat, it is how much you eat while you watch TV that makes you fat. So watch the food network instead and you'll be alright.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Harry Potter Controversy

Being the very involved Harry Potter person that I am, I like to look up the current events that come up on it. The latest new is that according to

"It turns out that some across the web have concluded that Warner Bros marketing division has gone 'pervert' by giving Hermione (Emma Watson) larger breasts in the IMAX 3D advertisement for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

So what do you say. Have they tried to make Hermione a spicer women in the Imax theaters? you let me know.
Regular movie theater poster

IMAX movie poster