Friday, October 20, 2006

A Good Hurt

Well after finally finding my way back to the blogging world I have decided to update the whopping two of you on how my training is going. After running on Friday (10/13) and then running a 5K with my father on Saturday (10/14) and then walking in heels all weekend I could say my legs were pretty sore. Being the self-motivated person that I am I decided to go running on monday(10/16) as well. Bad idea. It was raining, like really raining with rain drops and everything so I pushed it. Let's just say that on tuesday I couldn't move. I walked up the stairs bow-legged, I dropped down the last two inches before I sat on anything making a loud noise while I did so, and finally I started the PE portion of wellness this week. Now it may sound as if I am complaining and partly I am but I would just like to say that it was a good hurt. I knew that I was pushing it and I think about what awful shape we were in two years ago and it is a little laughable. We are running (RUNNING!) a 6K on Thanksgiving! Uhhh I am so excited and I can't wait for the good hurt we can feel afterwards and all the extra pie we get to eat! YAY! Oh and Mom has begun to tell me training tips and it really bothers me. Is that just because I am an emotional teenager or do I have reason to not want to hear what mom tells me about running?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hooray for bursting water pipes!

Well today I only had to attend a half day of school because a water pipe burst and left our entire school without running water. I have never been so excited. Well maybe I have but the moment I found out we could go home was pure bliss. That Bryan boy gave me a ride home and I must say it was an overall enjoyable time. Today Dad took off work so we spent some quality time together on the motorcycle, in home depot, and at the drink place. Shortly here after I am going to a piano lesson that I am not nearly prepared for but who cares I only had a half day of school!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Poop on Baker

To Natalie and that girl Kendall---

I miss you too much and this is all for you. and I think I might have some interesting stuff to tell you about. First I must say that mom is trying to kidnapp me and take me to Baker for a three day weekend. My whole church day was pretty awful after I found that out. Hopefully dad will be on my side because I cannot stand one more day with those stuffy old people in Baker. Please save me from death of old people and sewing! Well you two are my sunshine in a cloudy day!