Friday, April 22, 2011

Tom Cruise. All nighters. TSA. Oregon

It's not really a secret that sometimes I wish my life were a movie. Not really that I want to be an actress or anything (I leave that to Liss Biss) but more that I love movie entertainment in general. You know how people have certain things they do to "escape"? Well my escape definitely comes in the form of some sort of moving pictures with sound attached.

So naturally, it came as quite a shock to me when I discovered that neither of my best friends had seen ANY of the Mission Impossible movies. NONE of them! I still really don't understand how that can even happen but I promise it's the truth. Well anyway, in an effort to help them understand me and my love for all things Tom Cruise (more on my love for him later), I had my mother send the three Mission Impossible movies to Provo so we could watch them together. Within five days all of the movies had been viewed and two lives had been changed forever. Oh my gosh never disappoint me. Seriously, if you haven't seen these you need to watch them. Better yet, tell me if you haven't seen them yet and I will fly to wherever you are and watch them with you. Seriously, they are that great.

The viewing of MI 3 started the end of my very very long last night in Provo. Actually it was the long night that turned into a long morning and a long afternoon. That's right friends, I've officially entered the club of people that stay up all night. I'm such an adult! Between packing, cleaning, laughing at Alyssa's weird sleeping positions on the tiny couch, and general anxiety about where I would put all of my stuff for the summer, I was wide awake all night long. Highlights include me taking out the trash at 4am while singing really loud and then realizing there were people walking down the street (I just kept singing) and the cinnamon roll breakfast/dinner/snack with Alyssa at 7am.

By 10am Thursday morning I was on the road driving to Salt Lake with probably about 70% of the stuff I own and I cannot thank Alyssa enough for holding onto some of my stuff for the summer. (You da you da best).

Salt Lake was stressful because I had to unpack Vincent and try and figure out what last things I could live without for a few months. It was so hard! With my frazzled no sleep brain I managed to dump all my stuff at G+Gs and then went to pick up Alaina so she could take me to the airport. In the rush to actually get to the airport on time I made a mistake, sort of a big mistake. You see, I had left a packet of sparklers in my carry-on bag. Just in case you were thinking of doing the same--DON'T DO IT!. TSA took my license, my illegal not really even firework fireworks, filled out a giant form, made me just stand there and watch, took pictures of the goods I accidentally forgot that I had with my license and then told me after a million minutes that they didn't think I looked like someone that wanted to harm a plane so they weren't going to get the police involved. Holy moley. In my whole life I have never been so glad to look like a nice white girl. Can you just imagine the waterworks show I would have been had the police been involved?! For those of you that aren't aware, no sleep makes an already easy crier Mallory into a human fountain so it would have been pretty awful. Yeah, so I am officially mad at sparklers right now and I will be boycotting them this summer. Which means I can't do fun things like this picture. But I want them to know how mad I am at them. To the sparklers of the world; I hope you feel bad.

Large chunks of time from the plane ride home are missing as I drifted in and out of sleep but the parts that I do remember were delightful. By some miracle, Southwest started distributing honey roasted peanuts again (hello heaven) and that with my drank made for a delicious lunch.

I always forget how much I love the Northwest until I'm here. This place is beautiful. By the time 6:30pm rolled around the giant bed in my room was looking mighty appealing. I tried watching some internet tv but was fast asleep by the time the clocks chimed 7. The 12 hours of sleep I got last night we sound and just what I needed. It's already summer and I cannot believe it. Hooray for no school! Sorry this turned into the longest post ever. I've got to post fun things while I still have them to talk about.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Falling asleep in the library...

Whelp. I don't know why I always think I can stay productive in the library until 2am but let's just say it's not for lack of trying! In the last few hours in the lib I've taken a final and finished most of a microbiology study guide and then started falling asleep. Today was just your typical day of finals. I went to work, took a final, studied in the LRC, had an emotional moment, made pizza with friends, and trekked back up to the library. Maybe someday it will all be worth it so I can have a computer monitor/TV that is this big. (I'm sitting about 4 feet away from it just so you know)

The pizza was delicious.
Apparently I've turned into a hunchback.

The sparklers were a little anti-climatic. How was I supposed to know they'd stay lit for like 5 seconds? Sheesh!
In other unrelated news...

Sometimes I don't mind acting like a child because I get to make this face and eat ice cream. Spring is finally here and I get to start a new chapter of my life in two days. I wonder if I still know how to live life outside of Provo because I've been here for so long. I just need to survive my last three finals.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Who thought I'd ever enjoy this so much?

Meet Adrienne Sage:
-She is a handful and a half but quite possibly the funniest kid I've ever met.
-After telling me I'm not an adult one evening I of course inquired why. Apparently I deserve the status of child because I'm not yet twenty (the age at which Alaina tells her marriage is acceptable) and because she and her mom have to pick me up all the time (aka I don't have a car). Let me tell you Adrie...I'm half way there and working quite hard on the second one.
-Her sweet little hugs send thrills of happiness through my body. I don't think she fully understands how much I love her.

Meet Henry Rex:
-Something about being so close with Kendall and Josh and then seeing him within three hours of birth makes me feel like a part of him belongs to me.
-He's starting to get arms and legs that are so fat they spill over his wrists and ankles. I just want to squeeze him!
-I live for him smiling back at me. I think he's waiting to laugh because he knows I'll die when I finally hear it. I totally get why it would be distracting to have a baby and be in school at the same time.
-He's only been alive for such a short time but I can't even remember life without him.

I've got one niece and one nephew and one more on the way. I'm so excited to welcome Choke into our family and I have a feeling he'll be totally different than the two we've already got. I am amazed by my sisters and the mothers they have become. I can only hope that someday I can do the same. Here's to hoping I can make them as cute as these two. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I find it confusing

I just don't understand what it's called a "law firm". What is firm about it? I'm guessing it's not their bodies because when I think lawyers I think of Richard Gilmore and Tom Pixton, both of whom, I can assure you, have nothing firm about them. Now if they wanted to call hospitals a firm I would believe it because I believe everything I see on tv.

Friday, April 01, 2011


The theme song for this J.Biebs Friday
Only one more blood donation until a gallon.
Emotional stability.
Actual warmth from the sun.
Fountain drinks and slurpees.
Another BYU rugby game.
A progression of Haka photos that makes me unbelievable happy.

Big B.
Another BYU victory. 123-3.
Jimmer who?
Jessica visiting from Canada.
Friends from last year.
Sunshine and FINALLY some Spring weather that lasted all day long.
Alyssa's Toms tan line (soooo hipster)
Sperry's FTW
Making it through the week.
Lots of sleep.
General Conference weekend.
All family, all the time.