Thursday, November 30, 2006

So Everything

I am so tired, so swamped, and so ready to graduate! Tomorrow Mom and I have an appointment with my school counselor so we'll see how that goes. My life seems so empty without you guys! I got use to having you there and now we are far apart again. Nat I am wishing the best for you on your job interview excursion and Kendall I hope you do well on your finals so M&D are in a good mood when they check your grades. Right now I am waiting for Dad to get home so we can eat and then they are off to the meeting to determine if we will get a chaple in West Linn. Then I have to start my homework stack that is so high, and then I get to watch The Office and Scrubs! I am so excited! As always wishing you were here and know I am missing you so much!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So this week I had to go to five whole days of school and it is dreadful! The only bright spot in the dark tunnel of the week is the fact that I will be leaving friday after school to spend a whole week with my favorite people! I have already taken my math and english test so now all that is left is my chemistry test and a history report. I am so ready to see you guys and our niece. I get to drive all the way to Utah with the parental unit. I get the whole back seat to myself! Maybe I will even get to drive! Right now we are going out to the Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate something worth celebrating. I LOVEEEEE YOU!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That someone having the best-week-ever is me!

As you know mom and dad are out of town and once again I am having the best time of my life! I missed school today for the play and tomorrow is the last day of the week! Hooray! Gabbe and I exchanged christmas gifts early because we couldn't wait any longer for them and all I can say is the first season of Scrubs is just as fantastic as i knew it would be. Hope you are having a good week. I love you girls!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Play Practice and Grandma

This weekend I started helping Gabbe with the costumes for the school musical. Of course the week that I am most busy Grandma comes! Play practice is long and I am sick of hand sewing on stupid little things but somehow it is all worth it. Having Gram in town is so fun and I am just sorry that tonight and tomorrow night I will be at the school until 9:30. The good news is mom let me skip seminary today so I could go running. The truth is I have never run more than 3.5 miles at one time and with all this play practice there is no time to run because it's dark by 5:30. Well lets just say that running in the morning is a lot different that in the afternoon but it was a good change. Just in case you were wondering how far I can run I would tell you that I can run a little over 3 miles in 39minutes. Nat I don't think I can make our goal of 4 miles in 40 minutes! Well have a happy day.