Sunday, August 21, 2011

Highlights from a Summer with a cell phone camera

Walking Kino before 7am and finding some of the best surprises in people's front yards, letters with pictures (I think my stick figures are improving!), 4th of July sugar cookies, cross stitching and sewing projects, my second story break in, the lovable lump that is Elliot, being crazy with Adrie, watching Henry learn how to crawl.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

TABLE=7 points

I am a crafter. If I'm not working on a project then I'm planning my next creative endeavor. Usually I see something that someone else has made and think, "I could totally do that". And that proved to be the case with a set of resin poured Scrabble tile coasters that I'd found on etsy. I made scrabble coasters and even a few button coasters for Christmas gifts but somehow that didn't seem like enough. I don't know when I got the idea to cover a whole table top with Scrabble tiles and resin but it sort of turned into an obsession sometime between Christmas and April. I did a ton of research about pouring resin table tops online and spoke to my Mother about it quite frequently. The project always seemed a little bit like a fantasy until it switched to reality when M&D gave me this table for Easter.
Excitement does not seem to quite put into words how I felt about the coming project. It's not everyday that your dreams come true.
I worked with a power sander to take off this weird crusty stuff off the top of the table. Holy, talk about some hard work for your hands. By the time I was satisfied with the smoothness of the table top my hands were bright red and mostly numb from constant vibration.
The next step was to spray paint the table top black. I do not think I would make a very stealthy graffiti artist. I went to work that day with black paint all over my fingers. When my coworkers asked what I was doing to get paint on my hands I told them that I was spray painting a table. They all thought I said "spray painting people". We had a good laugh about that.
With a moustache and a little bit of mischief, Joshua helped me spread the tiles out on the sanded and painted table top. There are almost six games worth of Scrabble tiles on the table. That's about 600 tiles for those of you that don't play. I should probably count the exact number. Maybe I will sometime when I'm real bored.Once the tiles were where I wanted they had to be glued down. Each tile had a tiny bit of wood glue spread on the back with a q-tip and was then pressed onto the table. Yes, it did take forever.About two weeks later, I finally found the courage to pour the resin on my already expensive table. As much as I've worked with resin before, it is still fairly unpredictable. A layer of masking tape and clear packing tape went around the table to create an edge to catch the resin. Talk about one stressful morning.After an emergency run to Michael's for another kit of resin, it all got poured and looked pretty good. I spent almost an hour blowing out and burning air bubbles with a butane lighter. I've probably got three different kinds of lung cancer from all of the fumes that I inhaled but it was worth it. Two days later I peeled off the tape to reveal the hardened resin edge. It was beautiful. I don't think you can understand the relief that I felt when I saw that all my hard work had actually produced something of which I could be proud. Also, if you look really close you can see the tail end of poison oak on my right eye. Don't get poison oak on your face, it's not fun.The last finishing touch was to sand off the sharp edge from where the resin and tape met. I got out the power sander again and buffed away that sharp top. My name and "fun" are the only two words that were intentionally spelled out on the table. Everything else is completely random. It took weeks of work but here she is, all finished and beautiful. My biggest and most expensive craft project ever and I am in love. I cannot wait to have this table forever.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Redundant redundant

Life as a cashier is pretty repetitive but I still like it. Here are some of the things that are commonly heard and seen at the check-lane.

"I should buy a lottery ticket!" -After a purchase comes to a certain total like $12.34 or $111.11

"Do you want some kids? I'll sell them to you real cheap." -When a Mom is overwhelmed by her out of control children (which happens a lot)

"A man must have designed this" -Usually from an older lady when I have trouble finding the barcode on a large item like a vacuum or a tv

People call me "hon" sometimes and I love it.

I am always surprised when a guest calls me by name. I usually forget that I'm wearing a name tag.

The game show network is almost always on in the break room. I have watched more Family Feud and Lingo this Summer than I care to admit.

"What time are you off?" -One of the first questions the cashiers ask other cashiers

"I usually can't leave this store without spending less that $50."

"What did I even buy?" -When a total is especially high and there is not much merchandise to show for it.

The beep beep beep always makes me wish I could be on Supermarket Sweep

For the most part the day to day activities are similar but something about going to work gets me excited. The people that I work with are mostly fun and so supportive of each other. I did get invited to go 80's dancing with some people from work. Too bad I'm only 20 and I hate the 80's otherwise it could have been a lot of fun.