Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Northwest living

Jan found this beautiful vintage dress for me and I got to wear it to church.
Props go to her for catching the spontaneous laughing shot!
That boy wizard is a hot mess of teen angst. 
I love it.
Despite my pleadings, 
Joshua will only allow one episode of Revenge a day. 
Except for Sunday. 
I get two episodes on Sunday.
Jillian Michaels workout videos are killer.
Seriously, I'm always sore the next day. 
Toll roads are dumb. 
I get to pick up Joshua from work today.
We're going to Costco. 
Living in the same place and seeing each other every day 
is like 
one million kinds of awesome. 


Kendall said...

Harry Potter and the OOTP? So happy for you!

Emily Robertson said...

Love the outfit & I`m happy you are happy =)

Anonymous said...

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